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Below is a link to our current Go Fund Me Campaigns where you can choose who your donation helps!  Go Fund Me do take 5% so if you would like to donate directly to our bank account, please reference the animal name.  Thank you in advance for your help.

Account Name: Happy Tails Animal Rescue Inc.
BSB: 114879
Account: 488310327
Reference: your name and name of animal you wish to donate to
(if specific; otherwise donations will go towards general vetwork)

Hero Needs a Hero

URGENT DONATIONS REQUIRED NOW TO PERFORM LIFE SAVING SURGERYIn rescue, there are some animals you just cannot turn away… even when you know they are going to break your heart and cost you A LOT of money…and Hero the 10-year-old Pug x Maltese is one of these cases. When we first heard about Hero we knew we had to bust this little man out of the shelter and into one of our loving foster homes. But it wasn’t until we collected Hero and took him to our vets that we were made fully aware of the terrible condition poor Hero was in. Hero had been so neglected his skin was so severely infected our vets had never seen anything like it. Patches of his hair were completely missing and raw, irritated and infected skin lesions cover his tiny body. Hero also suffers from dry eyes that were left untreated meaning both of his poor eyes are so painful and neglected Hero is now 100% blind and will need them removed to relieve his pain. Sadly it doesn’t stop there for Hero.. he was also suffering one of the most severe ear infections in both ears that would be causing unimaginable discomfort. There are a long list of other health issues including lump removals, arthritis and teeth infections that need attention too. Because of his age, we have had many extensive conversations with our vets as to what would be the kindest and fairest thing for Hero. But because this little man still gets so excited to go for a walk, and his little tail still wags when his foster mum gives him cuddles we knew we had to try everything possible to save him.

Because of the severity of his condition we need Hero to get this treatment ASAP so he is no longer in pain… He will need both eyes removed, skin biopsies, surgery for his ears and hundreds of dollars’ worth of medication to try and treat these. Our vets have given us an estimate of $2,400 for these procedures which is a massive amount on us right now in the middle of kitten season and with 3 other medical emergencies taking place over the weekend.

So what we need is for our followers to please donate, even if it is a $2 donation it will make a difference… and once we reach out goal we can ensure Hero goes and gets this life saving surgery so he can learn what it is like to live a life free of constant pain. If you cannot donate, please SHARE this post and Heros story so others who may be able to financially assist us can do so, and we can all work together to save little Hero!!

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