How he came to Happy Tails: Enzo was an older staffy waiting in a Nth Qld pound in a bad state, he appeared to have suffered some abuse in his past. He had many lesions and lumps all over his body.

Why he is retired as a Golden Tail: While being desexed, we had our vet remove one of the troublesome lumps for testing. These sadly were found to be mast cell tumours, all over his groin area. This is an aggressively growing type of cancer, which will take his life all too soon.

His Happy Tale: After an intensive search for the perfect family to love Enzo for his remaining time, he found them! He lives very close to the beach with his foster Mum & Dad, who adore him & spoil him rotten.

How your donation helps: All of Enzo’s vetwork is covered for life. This includes regular items such as health checks, vaccinations and prescription food; but also extra items such as blood tests and x-rays.

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