Greetings and welcome to my kingdom! My name is King Megzi (though my closest friends may simply call me Megzi) and I am inviting you to hear my grand tale. Please be seated and I shall begin.

My journey begins when my original servants (or owners as you would say) left me in care to travel interstate. If that was not humiliating enough, they also neglected to inform me of my illness. The wise of the kingdom, known as vets I am told, discovered I have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (a severe heart murmur) and they only gave me a 3-5 year life expectancy. It appears my reign will not be as long as I had expected.

Do not despair my subjects, for with the help of a brave band of heroes known as Happy Tails, I was able to succeed in securing a kingdom I now call home. This kingdom already had a kind and caring ruler, but they have graciously stepped aside to let me take my rightful place as king of the castle, while they happily reside in the position of foster carer.

I truly could not have asked for a more loyal and hardworking foster carer. As undignified as it sounds, I must admit I do throw up a lot. The wise vet is unsure if my throwing up is related to my heart murmur or a separate problem. Different foods have been tested, but the results are the same, I have my good days, followed by lots of spews. I am afraid the castle’s great carpet will never be the same again. The fact that my carer continues to care for me and let me remain in the kingdom is testament to both my foster carer and the heroes of Happy Tails.

I am a very involved and vigilant king, when people come to visit I meet all of them and “check them out” as my carer phrases it. I also personally approve all items brought over the threshold, such as shopping and groceries. Though I suppose no king is perfect (I do however believe I am fairly close) and I concede that at first I was grumpy, bossy and scratched. When four new arrivals entered the castle, I understand why they were kept separate from me. However, under supervision from my carer, I was allowed to interact with them. In the end I was sad to see them go, but they were now ready to rule their own kingdoms. Thankfully though, one ( who is named Sydney) was chosen by the carer to stay. I guess you could say they softened my heart.

Now no victory is without consequence and my consequence is costs. I cost $670 a year to feed, $150 a year in flea and worming treatments and then there are the costs of vaccinations and health checks. My carer and Happy Tails provide their king with the best financial aid they can, but Happy Tails sadly has limited funds and many other kingdoms with rulers to pay for.

Now good humans if you wish to help your dear King Megzi, then please sponsor me. Thank you all for listening to my tale today and many thanks to all who sponsor me. Arise Sirs and Dames!


King Megzi