Hi there all! I’m Rocky and by the end of my tale I know you’ll want to be my best friend and because you’re taking the time to read my story, I already know I want to be your best friend.

My tale begins with my arrival at Happy Tails, I came as a private surrender from owners who could no longer care for me. I’m sure you’re wondering how someone could surrender such a super sweet and loving boy as me, but unfortunately being such an affectionate boy does not prevent me from medical issues.

I have hip dysplasia. this means my hip joint is not connected to my body properly. My hip dysplasia has caused the distal part of both of my femurs to curve inwards, my tibias to curve inwards and my kneecaps to curve completely inwards to the point I can’t move them properly. Basically my hips and legs do not work properly.

While I would have loved to have been adopted, my medical issues prevented that, so I was placed in Happy Tails’ Golden Tails program where I thankfully found a loving foster home with a carer who has given me the help I need. I get cartrophen injections, loxicom (which is pain relief medication), and daily food which specifically helps with joint support.

All of these problems could have left me a bitter and aggressive boy, but my carer describes me has “not having a mean bone in my body”. Both my carer and Happy Tails have done so much for me, including paying for my expensive medications, my $525 yearly food intake, my $150 yearly flea and worming treatments and my vaccinations and health checks. I can’t help them with my costs, or the costs of the many other animals they care for, but you can! By sponsoring me you can help pay for my care and I can continue this good quality of life I have fought to get.

If you have enjoyed reading my tale, then please also check out the profiles of my fellow Golden Tails residents, they too have stories worth reading.

Thank you to every kind hearted souls willing to sponsor me, I wish could hug every single one of you for your kind gesture. Thank you again.