Hi I’m Willow. My forever foster mummy says I’m am the gentlest little sweetheart.

Looking at me, people don’t realise why I am in the Happy Tails Golden Tail program…

But I have diabetes you see, which is usually under control but can sometimes be a very scary ordeal. I don’t love my daily insulin shots but I know I have to have them otherwise I have to go to the vet and that is also a bit scary.

My hips aren’t too great either. And on top of it all, I am slowly losing my eyesight…but that’s okay, I know I am in safe hands with my foster mumma and my foster brother is blind too – he tells me it’s not all that bad.

My foster mumma says I am a total cuddle bug! I wake my mum and dad up by sneaking onto the foot of the bed then army crawling right up to their faces. They pretend to sleep but they can’t fool me! I lick their faces and roll on top of them to get my belly rubs. This is my favourite part of the day! 

I’m a happy little girl because I have a family who loves me and gives me all the cuddles I need. And I have Happy Tails, who are the reason I am alive today, supporting all my medical and clinical expenses.

Thank you for supporting Happy Tails Golden Tails program – it keeps me smiling and living my life to the fullest.


Willow. ♥