How he came to Happy Tails: From Mum Kelly: “I don’t like to think of animals as broken, but Sully was absolutely as damaged a soul as I’ve ever encountered. I don’t know that he’s ever had people, he was found as a stray in Nth Qld at around a year old and ended up in a pound, on death row. He made his way to Brisbane and into our care, eventually coming to my house in October last year.

In his time with me we spent around 2 hours a day for the first 2 months, working on his trust issues. He’d obviously had such bad experiences with humans in the past, he just cowered all the time, expecting to be hurt again. He was never aggressive, just completely withdrawn and emotionally shutdown.

I read him stories so he’d get used to my voice, hand fed him so he’d learn peoples hand could be for good things. All throughout his rehabilitation we stuck by the principle that if he trusted me, then “nothing bad would happen”. He learned to like playing with toys & love getting brushed, eventually adoring being patted and getting chin scratches.

He developed a nasty allergic reaction to a flea treatment that became infected. He patiently let me bathe his wound and apply his ointment multiple times a day without complaint for nearly two weeks.

After that first two months he was ready to come out of his isolation room and just become part of the household. Just before Christmas he joined the other cats and I realised how he’d survived so long on his own before rescue. He is amazing with other cats! Old cats, grumpy cats, young kittens, he made friends with them all instantly.

Since then he’s continued to make progress. Learning how to be a regular house cat and be able to finally unwind. He’s learnt how to cope with the noise of the tv, vacuum and even storms, like a champ”.

Why he is retired as Golden Tails: Sully had an adoption application in, after almost a year of getting ready when he suddenly became ill, passing blood in his urine. He stayed at the vets for several days, where discovered he’d formed bladder crystals/stones. He had all the best care with his lovely vet team, who thankfully managed to avoid surgery.  He will be prone to the issue reoccurring, and stress is a major factor, so the decision was made to retire him.

Their Happy Tale: “I’m so grateful to Happy Tails for firstly giving him a chance when everyone else said he was a lost cause and couldn’t come back from living in the wild. And then of course for allowing him to be under their care in the Golden Tails program, in my home, for the rest of his life.  Sully has foster brothers and sisters now who all love him. He will never be sad or scared, lost or lonely, for the rest of his days”.

How your donation helps: All of Sully’s vetwork is covered for life. This includes regular items such as health checks, vaccinations and prescription food; but also extra items such as blood tests and x-rays.

$12 will buy Sully a pipette of flea & worm treatment that he needs monthly
$21 will buy a box of his Royal Canin s/o urinary care pouches (These last him around a month)
$32 will buy a small bag of Hills c/d urinary care dry food (This lasts around a month also)

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