Happy Tails


“Changing lives, one tale at a time.”


Happy Tails Animal Rescue are a not-for-profit, no-kill pet rescue charity based in South East QLD. We are committed to taking in dogs, cats, kittens and puppies that find themselves in need. Our mission is to re-write their tales into ones with a happily ever after!

We place all our animals into loving approved foster homes, where they will get the best care while they wait for their forever homes. We provide all vet and behavioral work required to ensure our animals are happy, healthy and ready to be a part of a family. Happy Tails has a thorough adoption process to ensure that our animals are going to the right home. If for any reason an adopted animal can no longer be cared for, we will take them back into foster care and provide for them until they find their true forever home.

Every member of Happy Tails staff is an animal lover who volunteers their time to help the animals of this organisation have an improved life. Happy Tails relies completely on donations and the hard work of volunteers, without both of these things we could simply not change the lives of the animals in our care.


Upcoming Events

Happy Tails Animal Rescue is actively involved in the community. We regularly run a variety of fundraising events to raise funds for our animals in care. We also attend multiple adoption events throughout the year, which are a perfect opportunity to meet your new best friend.


Happy Tails Animal Rescue is run exclusively by volunteers who generously donate their time to help our animals find their forever home. We welcome new members and anything they can contribute, whether it be foster caring, photography, pet transport, or anything else.


Happy Tails Animal Rescue relies on your support to continue rescuing animals. Financial donations help us the most, but we are also always grateful for donated products, including pet food, toys, blankets, bowls, etc. 100% of what you give goes towards the animals.