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Happy Tails Animal Rescue Inc. is 100% funded by community contributions.


Everyone at our organisation is a volunteer, generously contributing their time and energy towards a common goal: Saving Animal Lives! We are a no-kill shelter and plan to stay that way. We believe that all animals deserve a “happily ever after”, and do everything in our power to ensure that every animal that comes into our care gets their happy ending. Even animals who can’t get adopted (for medical or behavioural reasons) become a part of our Golden Tails Program, living out the rest of their natural lives in a warm home, with a full tummy and lots of love.

There are many ways you can support us, from donating, fostering an animal, or just helping out at events. Every little bit helps!


Will you help us give abused, neglected, and abandoned animals their “Happily Ever After?”



Adopt, Don’t Shop!

As overused as this may seem, opting to “adopt not shop” really does save innocent lives. Every animal adopted is an animal that won’t get put to sleep at an overcrowded pound.

We have a variety of cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies available for adoption. All animals come desexed, fully vetted, and ready to join your family.

Become a Foster Carer

Love animals? Have a spare room? Why not join us!

We don’t have any facilities in which we hold our animals, so we rely on our generous foster carers immensely. Carers provide incoming animals with a safe and loving place to call home until they find their forever home.

Sponsor a Program

Happy Tails runs a variety of programs aimed at making a difference to the lives of both people and animals in our community.

From caring for special needs animals to providing aid and education to pet owners in need, our programs need your support.

Help Us at an Event

Happy Tails runs events throughout the year for fundraising, including bake sales, sausage sizzles, and even theatre productions! If you can cook a mean brownie, flip the onions on the barbie, set up a display, or just stand and give customers a warm welcome, we would love the extra hands!

Have a fundraising idea? Tell us!

Support a Partner

Visit our “Partners” page to get some quality local products for your pets, while also supporting Happy Tails! Partners will often make product and/or financial contributions to Happy Tails when you buy one of their products.

Got a local pet-related business? Contact us to become one of our business partners. Let’s improve the lives of pets together!

Connect with us on Social

Help us reach a wider audience by liking our Facebook and Instagram pages. Even if you are not looking to adopt yourself, one of your friends might just see “the one”, and they’ll have you to thank for it!

Don’t worry, there will be plenty of cute animal photos to make it worthwhile for you, too!