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Dexter came into Happy Tails at 13 years old. He was due to be put to sleep and a shelter reached out to happy tails to see if they could help. Dexter had a severe reoccurring viral infection that had left him immune to antibiotics along with allergies to food and dental disease. As a result of the viral infection he had constant discharge from his eyes and nose which left him unable to meow due to being so congested. His food allergies caused him to become so uncomfortable he would pull chunks of fur from his body.

Since coming into the Golden Tail program Dexter has been able to see Happy Tails amazing vets and has been put on a special food for allergies along with medication which has dramatically improved his quality of life and stopped him from pulling his fur. His viral infection has improved greatly and he now is able to meow and his eyes are clear.


Dexter is a real character, His mum calls him her love bug. His favourite place is curled up on a warm lap or hugging around your neck giving you cuddles and head bops. He loves to run at top speed through the house while talking to his parents with his very distinctive meow that sounds like a crow.

Dexter has been incredibly fortunate to find the most amazing family to care for him. They use a vapouriser on him twice daily for 30 minutes. This helps his congestion tremendously and allows him, along with his steroid medication, to finally live his life without struggling to breathe.