My name is Wuwu but my new mum calls me Gracie. I was born with paralyzed hind legs, but it hasn’t stopped me from being one of the proud furry members at home.

I sleep and eat a lot at the moment as I’m still a kitten, but I also love chasing around with my big brother and sister at home. I have developed very strong arms so I can run very fast and climb up the stairs just like my siblings do.

I’m not able to control my pee/poop really well, so I need to wear a diaper at night and have my bladder expressed daily. Keeping a good hygiene is quite important to me to prevent urine scalding or other infections from developing.

I could be independent at times, but I prefer being around humans or other cats whenever I can. Sometimes I would run away if I was being approached too quickly, but when the humans give me pats I lean backwards and purr loudly to make sure they know that I love them. I don’t see myself as any different to other cats, and Happy Tails have given me a chance at a normal life.

Thank you Happy Tails and all Golden Tails sponsors for giving me a chance.

Gracie Wuwu ♥