American Staffordshire, Rottweiler, Bull Terrier and Bull Mastiff all bundled up until one big cuddly bear!

Humphrey joined the Happy Tails family in May 2020 after his family could not care for him any longer. He joined the rescue under the name of “Stumpy” as he has three legs due to an incident when he was 6 weeks of age. He was hit by a car as a baby and his injuries were so severe that the vet had to amputate his back left leg.

He had a name change to Humphrey as we didn’t want his injuries to define him. He fits the name Humphrey Bear as he is such a cuddle bug and has the personality of a teddy bear.

Humphreys condition of being a tripod had been left untreated for so long that when he arrived into care he was stiff and struggling to mobilise in a normal way. 

He underwent a full health exam and X-rays to see the extent of the damage and he cried and howled being positioned for the images. He had horrible ear infections that were very painful. He was immediately started on regular pain relief after a full blood test to ensure his body could cope with the drugs.

Humphrey has severe arthritis throughout his entire body from the pressure of having 1 back leg as a large breed dog. He had a consult with a physiotherapist and has started some exercises to loosen up his muscles and joints. Although Humphrey does not know any different in life, he has specific requirements for life including a leg brace, many daily medications and supplements, a special diet for joints, exercises, a special bed, flooring requirements, exercise requirements and of course, he needs extra love!

Humphrey now lives a very happy life in his Golden Tails family with his fur brother who adores him and 2 cats. Humphrey is very friendly with his fur family and LOVES his humans so much that he wags his tail 24/7 and often gives himself “happy tail” meaning he injures the tip of his tail from being so happy!

Humphrey has so many quirks and perks. He loves his bed so much and will steal blankets and clothes and tuck himself into bed at any point of the day. He loves to wet his feet at the beach, sunbake by the pool and cuddle up to his fur brother.

Humphrey will be well cared for and loved by his golden tails family for the rest of his life.

His care and requirements are costly and we would appreciate any donations towards his continued care.

Humphrey ♥