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The title is not just clever alliteration, my name’s Lewis, I’m 10 and a half, and I really have been a lucky cat. Happy Tails met me by chance at a pound one day and upon discovering I had a multitude of health issues, they decided to take me in to try and sort out my health issues.

My health issues include: being deaf and diabetic, and having a heart murmur, dermatitis and terrible teeth. I was also severely overgrooming to the point of pulling my own fur out. Now do you see why I’m ‘Lucky Lewis’. With all of these problems I should be dead by now, but thanks to a chance encounter with Happy Tails, and a determination to remain in a world that has chicken wings, I am now in a comfortable and happy home.

The care I have received in my Golden Tails home really has helped turn my life around. Aside from maintaining my medications and prescription food, they have also given me an awesome shark tunnel to play in complete with stuffed shark (he’s my best mate) and plenty of chicken wings to eat (YUM!). Thanks to being in a caring home, I have had seven rotten teeth removed (which I can assure you has in no way affected my chicken wing eating) and I have grown all of my fur back so I am now SUPER FLOOFY!

The Golden Tails program at Happy Tails gives cats and dogs like me, the ones who can’t be adopted normally due to medical and/or behavioural issues, a chance at a better life by finding us a permanent home where we can receive the care we desperately need. However, Happy Tails sadly has limited funds and many animals in need of special care, such as expensive medications and prescription food. For instance, my insulin costs $150 a year, my skin medications cost $600 a year, my prescription diet food costs $1000 a year, my flea and worming treatments cost $150, and the costs of my vaccinations and health checks.

That’s a lot of money for one cat and Happy Tails has to pay for many other animals as well. Don’t panic though, because this is where you can help me, by sponsoring me you can help pay for my care and together we can show people that often what sick and/or damaged animals need is kindness.

If you’ve enjoyed my story, then please check out the stories of my fellow Golden Tails pals and perhaps consider sponsoring them as well.

Thank you to everyone who sponsors me. I love each of you as much as I love chicken wings and I REALLY love chicken wings.