Greetings hoomans, I’m Lucy, your new furry overlord. I mean! Your new sponsee. Let me tell you my story and you’ll see why I need your help.

I’m a 13-year-old Domestic Short Hair and I was surrendered to a shelter when my family had to move. Why they couldn’t take me with them I don’t know! The stress of being in a shelter at my age understandably put me under a lot of stress and I got very sick with cat flu because of it.

It’s been two years now since Happy Tails rescued me from that shelter and put me in there wonderful Golden Tails program, but I am still chronically snotty. My foster family has to treat it symptomatically with nasal flush, bisolvon, steaming and antibiotics. I also have renal failure and I require a mediated diet.


All of my conditions are why I’m a part of the very fantastic Golden Tails program. I could not be adopted, but that did not mean I did not deserve a loving home. I am incredibly affectionate after all! Happy Tails Golden Tails program allows me to reside in a permanent foster home with people I adore and who help me with all of my medical treatments.

 Unfortunately, this is where the problem comes in. You see it costs $450 a year to feed me, $150 in flea and worming treatments and the costs of vaccinations and health checks. It may not seem like much, but there are many other Golden Tails residents also in need of care and Happy Tails has limited funds. However, by sponsoring me you can help pay for my care and I can continue with this comfortable life I’ve rightly earnt. 

Thank you to every amazing hooman willing to sponsor me, I adore all of you.


 Lucy. ♥