GOLDEN TAILS: milo Nestle


Hello there! I’m Milo Nestle, the gentlest giant you will ever meet. I’m an 8-year-old mix of Great Dane and Wolfhound and a member of the Happy Tails Golden Tails program. I’m a very good and affectionate boy, but I’m also a very brave boy, for you see I only have three legs.

This is my story…

I came to Happy Tails as a private surrender from a family who was moving but I sadly when I came to Happy Tails missing one of my back legs. The Happy Tails team have no idea how I lost my fourth leg and neither do I.

I manage pretty good on three legs, it certainly does not stop me from thinking I’m a lap dog, but the damage in my remaining back leg does make it difficult for me to walk and sit on the couch with my family.

During my time at Happy Tails I  had many foster homes and many adoption applications but after further investigation into my health, Happy Tails found out that my remaining back leg had a partial cruciate tear.

This is why I came to be in the Happy Tails Golden Tails program. My condition meant I could not be adopted normally, as my exercise has to be carefully monitored and I could damage my leg further if I slip over. But Happy Tails did not see that as a reason to give up on me and placed me into a home with one of the Happy Tails foster carers. 

My foster home is a seriously amazing home, I get my own cot mattress and baby bedding and a foster mum who adores me! My partially ruptured back leg is really the only thing causing me any problems, I take 4cyte in my food to help with my joints, but what I really need is surgery.

I love my forever foster mum and 2 sisters, a cat and a dog.

Milo Nestle ♥

Milo is the light of my life. He has been there for me every single day with a big smile on his face and lots of cuddles. At the beginning, I never imagined that he would be a permanent part of my family but now I couldn’t imagine my life without him. He is the sweetest gentle giant and is always so happy and loving. I am so happy that I have this guy in my life forever.” – Milos Foster Mum