Little Ms Oofi is a ‘Petite’ Rottweiler X. She came to Happy Tails because her owner had been diagnosed with lung and bone cancer and the family were unable to take Oofi on.

Oofi also has her own health problems. Although she looks (and sometimes acts!) like a pup, she’s almost 12 years old, has really bad arthritis and two ruptured crutiates which makes mobility a little difficult for her.

Given her age, Oofi is not an ideal candidate for surgery but that doesn’t seem to slow her down.

“She’s an absolute darling of a doggo and I feel very lucky to be able to spend whatever time she has left being her thunder buddy.” 
– Oofis foster mumma

Oofi loves zoomies and chasing birds! She’s full of sass and a bit of bark, but definitely no bite! She spends her days ignoring her foster mum until it’s time for her evening leg massage or when she hears thunder/rain. She’s as low maintenance as they get and her cheeky smile makes it’s hard to believe she’s a Golden Tail.


Oofi. ♥