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I am Sully, the Golden Tails Program’s 3-year-old birman. I have been with Happy Tails since the organisation began and I am proof of how Happy Tails’ Golden Tails Program can drastically improve an animal’s chance at life. My story begins with being rescued from a Bundaberg pound in 2017. I was rescued by a different organisation but eventually moved to Happy Tails.

I was very scared of people when I came to Happy Tails. I didn’t want people to go near me and I admit to hissing and slashing at people when they tried to come near me, but it was only done out of fear of human interaction. In fact I hated human interaction so much, it is believed that I was once a feral cat. I wish I could tell you for certain if I was a feral cat or not, but I just don’t remember.

The lovely team at Happy Tails tried to help me, so I could get adopted, but I just couldn’t let go of my fear. Even a vet gave up on me and recommended I be put down, as my fear towards humans would make it impossible to be adopted, but Happy Tails refused to give me up on me. I’m really quite a lovely boy at heart, I just needed someone with a lot of patience and a quiet environment to live in. That’s how I came to be in the Golden Tails Program.

I lived with my first carer for six months, but even after that time I still wouldn’t let her get near me, so I moved in with another carer who had more free time to focus her attention on me. After weeks of trust building, through my carer spending one on one time with me for two hours every day (plus all of the food I got!) I finally felt comfortable enough to let my carer pat me with one finger. This progressed into me letting her pat me with the back of her hand and now I let her pat me with her whole hand – palm down.

It was a long and gradual process, but I am now living happily in my carer’s house with my best friend Malibu and all of the little foster kittens, without an ounce of aggression towards them or my carer. I have made incredible progress in my life, but now I am in need of your help. You see I cost $600 a year to feed, plus $150 a year for flea and worming treatments, plus vaccinations and health care. The Happy Tails team do all they can, but they have limited funds and so many other Golden Tails residents to care for as well.

Please sponsor me so I can continue to enjoy the life I have worked so hard to get and please sponsor my fellow Golden Tails residents, so they too can experience a better life.

Thank you for listening to my story. Much love,