Alternate Rehoming Options

We know that surrendering a pet is a difficult decision and not one that should be made lightly.
It is estimated that over 200,000 dogs and cats are surrendered each year to pounds and animal rescue groups.
Please consider some of these alternative options to surrendering your loving pet.

Contact your vet

Is your pet displaying unusual behaviour that is out of character? It is possible your pet might be unwell. Visit your vet and let them know about your concerns.

Seek an Animal Behaviourist or Trainer

Is your pet showing signs of aggression and unwanted behaviour? An Animal Behaviourist or Trainer can work with you to overcome the problem. Most of the time, it only takes a few sessions.

Train your pet

Is your pet not listening or not obeying simple commands? Dedicate some time each week to train your pet, even learning some basic commands will elevate the level of owner vs pet relationship.

Exercise your pet

Destruction, escaping and just overall pushing boundaries? Pets act up when they are bored. Try putting in place an exercise routine with your pet or providing mental stimulation through toys/treats.

Pet Free Zone

Are you allergic? Contact your GP to confirm the source of allergy first. Then create pet free zones in your house, wash and groom your animal regularly, and possibly change your pets products.

Financial Support

Owning a pet can get expensive. Programs like VetPay can offer payment solutions. Often vets will offer suitable payment plans too. Look out for sales at your local Pet Store and Pet Insurance for future emergencies is a great option too.

Rent and Landlords

It can be tough finding a rental with a pet. Contact your local agencies to let them know your situation, prepare a pet CV, ask previous landlords to write a review of your pet and commit to keeping your animal well groomed to potential landlords.

Last Litter Program

Have a pregnant pet and want help to desex Mum and rehome the babies? Contact us through our Last Litter program. Surrender your unwanted litter to us, and we will make sure they are fully vetted and rehomed. We will also desex the Mum before returning her to you at one of our vets free of charge.

Desex your pet

Sometimes animals will escape, show aggression or territorial behaviour when not desexed. Many people are suprised by how much their animal calms down once desexed.

Change the enviornment

Are your fences not suitable? Does your animal run rings around your yard? Are they scared of stairs? Your pet might just be a bit put off by something in the home or finds your yard an easy escape.

Pet Sitter

Pet Sitters are a great option if your pet has anxiety, is a bit bored or escaping. Pet Sitters can visit your home for just a few minutes, take your pet for a walk or stay with them all day. Platforms like PawShake can connect you with a local Pet Sitter.


Maybe a friend, family member, or someone in your network is in a different situation and can take on your animal?


Still not in a position to keep your pet?

Find a list of alternative rescue groups below that may be able to help rehome your pet.

SavourLife Rescue List

PetRescues Rescue Directory